Programme 2017

JANUARY 14th             Bring and Buy   Spin and Chat
FEBRUARY 11th          The Annual General Meeting
                                     The Byde Challenge Cup - judging and presentation

MARCH 11th                Corners: Viv, Linen Stitch, Drop Spindle Spinning
                                     Inkle Weaving

APRIL 8th                    Meeting will be at Joan's house (NOT AT OLD WIVES LEES)

MAY 13th                     Joan Ward Needle Felting

JUNE 10th                   Long Draw Spinning and Navajo Plying

JULY 8th                      Space Dyeing with Viv 

AUGUST 12th             Garden meeting, in Joan's garden

SEPTEMBER 9th        A Blending Day
OCTOBER  14th         Talk with Demonstration on Nettles in Nepal

NOVEMBER 11th        Christmas Decorations with Susi

DECEMBER 9th          Shared Christmas Lunch