March 2013 Newsletter

Hi and welcome to the first newsletter that I have Produced.  Please email me or call me if you have any news or interesting articles to put on here in the future.

At the May meeting Jan is doing a workshop on Locker Hooking.  The materials needed are a s follows:

A locker hook (like a long crochet hook with a threading eye at the other end).  Jan does have a few, but if you have one can you bring it with you. 
Fabric strips which do not fray too much, as long as you want, about half inch wide.
Rug Canvas.

Please let Jan know if you require any canvas as she has only a very limited supply.


October 2012 Newsletter

First, our apologies for the lack of a Summer Newsletter. However we hope everyone will understand why it didn’t happen.  It was David Wilson’s great pleasure to produce our quarterly newsletter though there was frequently some kind of trauma when he was doing it! He had recently purchased a new computer and laser printer to improve his “baby” but he was only able to use it once, sadly.

Now we are in the throes of deciding what we do next and this is an interim news sheet to keep you up to date with what’s happening at Guild and what you need to bring for the workshops. Please keep photographs and reports of meetings and your own work coming so that we can use them in the next Newsletter. Anything for inclusion can be sent to Diana by post or to - we look forward to hearing from you.

First a message from Lizzie Hubbard regarding our annual stay at Minster Abbey. Lizzie has heard from Sr. Benedict that our original week is now not available because there is a religious pilgrimage at the same time. The new dates are from 2.00pm Monday 27th to Friday 31st May and we may stay Friday morning and have lunch before we pack up. It is such a pleasure to stay at the Abbey and be free to get on with whatever we want to do without having to think about shopping, cooking etc, Mind you shopping does tend to be included because there are tempting charity shops and a plant emporium to be visited.

Please contact Lizzie Hubbard for more information.

The next meetings are as published in your programme for this year.

November 16th will feature braid making techniques using a kumihimo and a lucet. If you have experience of these and the equipment that goes with them please bring to the meeting ready to re-learn or to demonstrate
and help others. It is possible to make exciting and unusual braids for a multitude of applications.

December 8th will be our usual Christmas shared lunch. Just bring yourself and something savoury or sweet to help create the perfect lunch.  There will also be plenty of time for spin and chat which is always a lovely way to relax before Christmas is upon us again!

The first meeting in 2013 will be on January 12th.  This will be our annual Bring and Buy sale which always provides us with a very useful contribution to Guild funds. There will also be the normal sales table where you can sell unwanted items, giving a 10% donation to the Guild.

This is often a very well attended meeting where members can also enjoy a spin and chat – a lovely way to start the New Year.

February 9th is a busy day with the Byde Challenge Cup competition in the morning, This year the contest is to produce your best possible rolags from FLEECE. The perfect rolag usually comes from one of the shorter fleeces and ideally should be cigar size – probably the Winston Churchill type rather than the Clint Eastwood size!

In the afternoon there will be our Annual General Meeting and an opportunity for you to air your views about the Guild and put forward ideas for improving our meetings etc.  If there is one particular item you would like to raise with the Guild you could mention it to Pam Chatfield, our Secretary and it would then be put on the Agenda.  By the way, Pam will be retiring from her position after the AGM, having completed her six years in the job.  We must thank her for all she has done for us and try to find a successor. If you think you could spare some time to take on this vital role please contact Pam.


Jean and the committee have suggested that weaving days could be incorporated into some of the Spin and Chat  which would also provide an opportunity for other members to see what it’s all about and maybe join in. Please let Jean Ackermann know if you would like to bring a loom sometimes so that we can assess the space weavers will need. Tapestry frames would be ideal and very welcome, too. The weavers would be in the back room and the quiet ones could be on the stage.

Finally, does anyone know how to knit a Moebius brim for a hat, knitting in the round? This is a cry for help from Diana!